Sauvie Island Berry Picking

Is it Sauvies Island?  Sauvie’s Island? Or Sauvie Island?  It seems it was named after the french dairy man Laurent Sauve, who traveled from nearby Fort Vancouver in the mid-1800s.  The Sauvie Island Community Association has some interesting little tidbits.

The name makes no difference to me but it IS the location for some of the best berry picking, produce shopping, get outside and PLAY in the Portland Metro area.  The little island is just a 15 miles or so from my house, and just on the other side of the iconic St. John’s Bridge. The little community is idyllic in its own right.  I’ve picked apples out there, found pumpkins, completed a corn maze, and now some quality raspberry picking.  Granted, this post in a month overdue, but there are still plenty of u-pick options to be had… and the views of Mount St. Helens are just the same.

one of the vegetable patches

fresh cabbage anyone?

but really, this was the prize

literally, the fruits of our labor

just another day at Sauvie Island Farms, with a calm Mount St. Helens watching over

Thanks Sauvie Island Farms!


12 thoughts on “Sauvie Island Berry Picking

  1. You live 15 miles from an island? An island where you can buy such delicacies??? Wow! I’m really jealous! The raspberries look gorgeous, I wonder what you might be doing with them (unless you ate them all on your way back 😉 ).

    • I have a few left in the freezer but really they were so delicious fresh as they were. I used some in some yogurt and cereal. In theory, I should have some lovely jam or freezer jam, or raspberry tartlets as I believe Sara is making, but no. I was busy eating, by the handful.
      Sauvie Island is a lovely, lovely place.

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  3. I miss Sauvie’s Island so much! What a great way to get out of the city…I think I especially miss marion berries. They don’t exist on the East coast. Sigh.

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