Tuscan Shrimp and White Bean Soup

I was on the phone with my sister last week and we were both talking about the chilly weather that was upon us. We were also stunned by the amount of snow that had fallen on the northeast. I was telling her how nice it was to enjoy a nice bowl of soup this time of year and how it was sort of a “pick me up” (besides a nice glass of wine..). So this weekend I ventured into the kitchen (it’s been a long time..) to make some hearty soup for a nice Sunday night dinner and enough to pack up for the work week!

My husband had bought a cookbook a while back called The Daily Soup Cook Book by Leslie Kaul and Bob Spiegel. I decided it was time to make good use out of it! It’s a great cookbook with tons of different soups to create that are easy. There are also many different varieties to choose from (seafood, bean, tomato etc..). I’m trying to watch the waistline so I chose the lowfat, non dairy soup. I love bean anything, but I never really use much shrimp in the kitchen. I figured that I would do a combo and settle on the Tuscan Shrimp Soup. I was excited to cook something a little different!

So, I’ll be honest. I bought frozen ready to serve shrimp. I didn’t want to deal with it. For some reason, I just can’t go there with shrimp. I don’t want to deal with de-veining or anything of the sort. The soup that I cooked was super easy (as everything that I blog about!). It consisted of leeks, celery, white beans and diced tomatoes with thyme and rosemary. I was drawn to this recipe for two reasons. One, I love rosemary. Two, I had most of the ingredients!
The soup simmers for about an hour with all the ingredients except the shrimp. Basically, you dump the shrimp in five minutes prior to serving and you are done!

I would definitely make this again, but I would not add water. I didn’t have enough vegetable stock so I did three-fourths stock and one-fourth water and I felt like it really took away some of the flavor. I’m also toying with the idea that I could have blended it with my immersion blender to make it a thicker soup…Still not sure if that would have worked out…


2 tbsp olive oil,
4 leeks, rinsed and well chopped,
2 celery stalks,
3 garlic cloves, minced,
1 bunch of thyme,
leaves chopped and stems reserved,
2 tsp dried rosemary,
2 bay leaves,
1/2 tsp ground pepper,
1lb of cannellini beans rinsed,
8 cups vegetable stock,
1 can of whole tomatoes, diced,
1 lb medium shrimp,
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar,
2 tsps kosher salt

1. Heat the oil in a large stovepoat over medium heat. Add the leeks, celery, and garlic
2. Tie the thyme together with a string and add to the pot with rosemary, bay leaves, and pepper.
3. Add the beans, stock and tomatoes and bring to a boil and then simmer for 1 hour.
4. Add the shrimp and simmer for three minutes.
5. Add the rest of the ingredients (remove the thyme)
6. Serve and enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Tuscan Shrimp and White Bean Soup

  1. I love rosemary too–I have a hard time saying what my favorite herb is, but it’s definitely at the top. It goes so nicely with white beans too. I have a lot of unsolicited advice I can give you about soup stock by the way and ways to make it quickly. I’m sure you can’t wait.

  2. The rosemary is great in quite a few soups, so with the rest of the soup ingredients it is no doubt delicious. It is getting to be soup time of year, even where I live in the South. I believe that I could eat soup most every night of the week when the weather is cold.

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