The Cocktail Column- Casa Mezcal

If it wasn’t obvious before, I’ll make a statement. I’m not as good of a cook as my older sister. I love to cook, but a lot of times I want to do something simple and quick. So while I will continue to blog for all my supporters who love the quick and easy recipes, I’m also spicing some things up.

Introducing….the cocktail column. I will showcase wonderful alcoholic concoctions that I sample across New York City. This is a hard task. I am willing to sacrafice.

First up: Casa Mezcal (and what I think is their blog here).  This is a great, authentic Mexican restaurant that has extremely interesting cocktails.

The first one I tried was: llano en llamas. It consisted of mezcal joven, basil, agave nectar, pineapple, st. germain (my favorite) and lime juice.

The great thing about this cocktail is it was spicy. There was some type of salty mixture on one side of the cup with a sugary mixture on the other. The drink was similar. It had this wonderful tequila taste with a punch of the end. Very interesting…

2nd try: scent of papaya.
I wanted something sweeter. The first drink was interesting, but it was a sipper to say the least and I wanted something sweeter in my mouth for my last drink of the night.
This drink consisted of mezcal fidencio joven, gome syrup, lime juice, horchata and hibiscus flower.

The part that sold me on this drink was the hibiscus flower. So creamy and sweet.

Many drinks I try have ingredients that I’m actually familiar with! However, it was fun taking a risk and ordering drinks that I wasn’t sure I’d like or hate. I was not disappointed. So if you are in New York City, I would definitely suggest dropping by Mezcals in the lower east side.

by Marie~


2 thoughts on “The Cocktail Column- Casa Mezcal

  1. Hey Marie, sounds great. I have to live vicariously through you here. Also, and this is me trotting out my Spanish degree nerdiness, but I loved seeing that the first drink was called el llano en llamas because it’s actually the name of a very famous Mexican book that is seen as a precursor to magical realism, etc. (Though, I’ll admit I don’t remember much about it and think a lot of it went over my head when I read it–holy crap–18 years ago–now I REALLY need one of those drinks).

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