The Cocktail Column- The Meatball Shop

2nd post in my Cocktail Columns. This time it’s The Meatball Shop. This restaurant has a couple of locations in NYC. One is in my favorite borough of Brooklyn in Williamsburg.
This is a great little date place. My husband and I went here with another couple and we started and ended with some some delicious liquor.
First round:  Manhattan Jello Shots.

A more immature take on a very mature drink. I loved the cherry on top and I would recommend this shot to someone who loves Manhattan’s. However it was a little too strong for my friend and I. The husbands, fortunately, were able to take care of it for us.

Second round:  Choose your own cocktails…

The fun thing about this restaurant is that you can choose your own liquor with your own mixers. Usually I hate this because I hate going to those “make your own food” restaurants. If I wanted to make my own food, I would do it myself instead of paying an arm and a leg to put flavor combinations together that don’t really taste good. This is a little different. Vodka, Rum…it doesn’t really matter. They all taste good. This just gives you the option of picking your favorite one. The lavender and thyme was my favorite. I have a new love for anything lavender. Vodka never gives me a headache. It was a simple decision.

The food is similar to the cocktails. You get to order all sorts of different meatballs, sides, meatball sandwiches name it. Again, all the food on the menu is great. You just get to get the combinations you want instead of getting a side that doesn’t suit your fancy.

So if you are interested click on the link here!

The cool thing is that if you live in the NY area you can check it out for yourselves. If you don’t live in the area they have a new cookbook out that you get more information on by going to their website.

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3 thoughts on “The Cocktail Column- The Meatball Shop

  1. When I got to the end of your post I realized why I had heard of the meatball shop: the cookbook surely has been on one or another of these food sites I frequent. I love the idea of lavender and thyme too! It’s a bit unusual at first to try something so floral, but it’s good.

  2. OK, first off: If I wanted to make my own food, I would do it myself. To which I say amen sister. Plus, the last time I went to one of those places guess who ended up doing the cooking? I could’ve just bought everyone’s steaks and cooked them at home for that. Also, grown up jello shots, Linda at Savoring Every Bite has a few of those. Too cool. Anyway, I like the set up you described even though normally I’d have just your reaction. I love Manhattans too so I’d have to try one of those. Great write up!

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