Three Sisters, Three Years, Three Giveaways

Can it be? Three years since our inaugural post? (Side note–was little E ever that small?)

So we’re celebrating in the time-honored blogging tradition (assuming anything with respect to blogging can be “time-honored”) and having a giveaway. And since there’s three of us, and since it’s been three years, we’re having three giveaways. That’s one per sister, or one per year, or something like that. And taking turns from oldest to youngest, here’s how we’re saying thanks to you for reading!


After somehow stumbling onto the world of food and knitting blogs, and getting promptly sucked in, it was only a matter of time until I’d want to to plant my own little flag in cyberspace. It only took a “you should do it” from my friend Kathryn (not even enough of a prodding to count as a “push) to get me going. And given that my sisters and I seemed to end up talking about food half the time anyway, it seemed only right to drag them along on this. And it made for a better blog title, right?

Blogging certainly takes time, but I’ve also gotten plenty out of it. When I miss travelling, a blog from across the world transports me; meanwhile, there’s an entirely diffferent thrill in discovering a fantastic blogger who lives just the next town over. And blogging certainly can keep you on your toes in the kitchen: would I ever have gotten to the point where I was making sourdough bread weekly? Would I have a mini-pantry full of jams? The interest and curiosity was always there, even if amorphously, but would it have ever been acted upon?  And there are other side benefits–while my photography clearly has a long way to go, I’m also thrilled by how much (I hope!) I’ve improved. (Thanks in part to two poor co-workers who probably wish they’d never let slip that they do photography on the side). But the most fun is hearing your comments and knowing you are reading!

So I’m giving away maple sugar from Ben’s Sugar Shack. (I do live in New England after all, and this is a slightly less well-known derivation of that iconic tree). There’s plenty of uses, but to get you started, try it in these rye danishes or even substituted for syrup in these custards.


To blog or not to blog, that is the question. Okay – not really, and Hamlet quote aside, this is really not serious business. It’s fun business.

Admittedly my blogging ebbs and flows – as is seen from the spurt of activity in late 2008 of multiple entries a DAY, to the undeniable absence in September and October of this year. Blogging has been fun for lots of reasons: we can track our progress (or decline as the case may be, i. e. quilting) on various pursuits, people comment and sometimes *compliment* us, and it provides the opportunity to write something silly or attempts at entertainment, in stark contrast to my day job of legal writing and research.

Thanks for reading! Or maybe I should thank you on behalf of Sara, considering she’s been the most proficient and industrious blogger of the bunch – cute kids and all!

My giveaway of choice is “Steel-i-os” (Steel Cut Oats) from Bob’s Red Mill. It’s wonderful, delicious comfort food from Milwaukie, Oregon and it’s the perfect time of year to get addicted.  Our visit last February was such a cheery visit and enjoyable experience.


Three years! I’m stunned that the three sisters from different states (that sometimes feel like three different worlds) have been able to keep it up! However we are clever and we are (for better or worse) always challenging ourselves to “do it all.”
While our fearless leader (I know her as my oldest sister and you all know her as the one who blogs the most and the one who cooks with ingredients you have never heard of before), keeps us on our toes, Karen and I take a more laid back approach making things that may not need too much clarification, but our lovely fans always support us and keep coming back for more.
Thanks all for three great years!

For my giveaway a treat from Baked in Brooklyn: those famous brownies!  (You knew it would be something chocolate, didn’t you?)

The Giveaways–How to win!

Leave a comment on this post by 11:59PM (EST) on December 9th for a chance to enter. We’ll pick three commenters at random and announce in a future blog post, but please be sure to leave your contact information. And while it’s not required, if you’d like to subscribe, “like” us on facebook,  follow us on twitter (or give us a thumbs up over on babble) while you’re at it, that would be great too (though we’re so sorry but we haven’t figured out the logistics to give you another entry for your trouble)! Please note that since these are food products, we’re so sorry but we can’t ship outside the U.S.

Please enter, tweet, share, and good luck!


41 thoughts on “Three Sisters, Three Years, Three Giveaways

  1. I love this blog! You ladies inspire me to cook and experiment even when I feel too busy. I have so many of your recipes bookmarked for holiday cooking (first up: roasted applesauce). Congrats on the blogiversary!

  2. I don’t even cook, but I love reading your blog posts filled with yummy recipes (I might surprise everybody and actually cook something someday), and – being a photographer – I really like the beautiful food photographs in your posts.

  3. As the eldest of three sisters (one of whom lives in New England), I really enjoy how you share your blog and stories. Congrats!

  4. Congratulations on your third blogiversary! Very much looking forward to many more deliciously inspiring recipes! You guys are now on my blogroll!
    Although I live in Singapore, I will be spending Christmas with my parents in VA and very much dreaming of a white Chritmas! Happy holidays!

  5. I’m going to be the one who makes the joke: this giveaway/post title is so….. so clever! What else would we expect from the Three Clever Sisters!

  6. What a great post! I can’t believe my own small little part — I talk about you three all the time and how lovely this little blog is. Congrats on three years you three!

  7. Every once and a while, one of my parents or someone from way back will ask me if I know what you guys are up to. I guess I have a partial answer now : ) I hope you have a good Christmas.

  8. It all sounds wonderful, but, have to admit, the chocolate is calling to me. You are all so clever, and It’s a joy to know each of you.

  9. Congrats! I work with Carol Gevlin and she highly recommended your site. She is very excited to learn you have reached three years as well.

  10. Happy 3 years!!! It must be fun to share the challenges and victories that go along with blogging with your sisters!
    Although I like a good bowl of oatmeal and of course big fan of New Hampshire maple syrup being from New Hampshire myself…I have to say neither of those attract me the way those very delicious brownies do!

  11. Congrats on 3 years and here’s hoping for many more! After enjoying your blog, I wish I had at least one sister. Count me in for the brownies.

  12. Mmmmm. Those brownies look DIVINE. Congrats on three years, ladies! I’ve only been reading for a third of that time, but you are one of my favorite blogs. (Truly, I’m not just trying to win a prize).

  13. Happy blog anniversary! Thanks for sharing this, Karen – I look forward to catching up on older posts, too! Keep up the good work 🙂

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