New Water Filter! (Mavea Review)

Considering Portland recently was in the nation’s attention for its water reservoir being tainted by a childish prank, it’s no surprise I’m inclined to reach for the filtered water.  Yes, some stupidhead thought it would be funny to relieve himself in the Mt. Tabor water reservoir  – but per this story he thought it was sewage treatment plant – “no disrespect!”  The authorities tried to assure the fair citizens of the Rose City that the amount of contamination was inconsequential given the reservoir’s size, but the “yuck” factor won out.  The city drained the reservoir and for the most part I filter my water.

I actually don’t think it’s that necessary for me to always reach for the filter these days, though it has been in the past.  I spent a year drinking water that smelled like rotten eggs – thanks to the sulfur enriched wells in eastern Montana.  In my Seattle apartment — the hobbit-size attic of a 1920s Craftsman, the water had a bizarre red tint that always captured itself in the filter – fortunately.  Now, I think I just prefer my water cold, and I like the idea of cleaning it just a little bit more (see above and the “yuck” factor).

Traditionally I have always used the Brita – the classic design.  My primary complaint has only been the lid is ridiculous to pop back on after cleaning and replacing the filter.  The water has always been up to my less-than-exacting standards.  I’m also less inclined to replace the filter because I’m supposed to let it soak for an hour – or something like that.  After 10 years, I know it still seems to annoy me even though it shouldn’t.

A few weeks a ago, the Mavea water filter company asked us if we wanted to try out their new water system.  Their marketing campaign appeals to the yoga enthusiasts and “I want to be SO healthy” health nuts, closeted or not.  Water is one of the best things for you – we’re told.  So, why not make drinking water better?

As for the product, I must say it is aesthetically prettier than the Brita, but my poor Brita has been around for over 6 years, which probably says a lot in itself.  I do like Mavea’s 2 tone design and I really like the pour lid.

There’s no cumbersome plastic flap to flip and hold up.  Instead, it has this gravity, trapdoor device that drops open with the weight of water.  Indeed, a step up!  Of course there’s the actual lid which is my problem with Brita.  Fixed!  It pops right on without any frustration.

Also, you don’t have to let the cartridge soak. Just rinse!

But the taste?  I’m going to say it – not really that different.  I did a “blind” taste test — tap water, Brita, and Mavea.  While the tap water was set a 3rd place immediately, silver and gold appeared to be a toss up.  It seemed to depend upon the glass!  The tester liked the Brita first, in one lighter glass taster.  Then I switched them, and the lighter glass with the Mavea also won out.

So, it’s anyone’s guess.  Maybe it’s all about the glassware….

Disclosure: Mavea gave me this new water pitcher you see above.  No money has changed hands and while I believe in praise, only where it is due.


7 thoughts on “New Water Filter! (Mavea Review)

  1. I’m very particular about the water I drink, so this was truly a masterful comparison. Thanks so much!

    Oh, yes. And I do like the color of the Mavea pitcher compared to Brita’s plain-white. Not that color has anything to do with taste… though I’ve always said… and believed… that presentation is everything.

  2. Weird about the glassware. I knew someone who always drank tap water out of a champagne glass to add a little glamour to the everyday. Maybe she was on to something.

  3. I have to agree that the Mavea water filter is much cooler in design than Brita. If you want to get really serious about filtration I’d look into sink filters that have more surface area. Brita has a small filter and gets out less than other sink filters – and in the long run, Brita or Mavea can be more expensive than filters that only need changing every 6 months or so.

  4. So I really should get one of these. I have a 20% off coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond…Maybe I’ll purchase one there. I still don’t even have a Brita. I guess I’m behind the times. I also have no room in my little fridge.

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