The Cocktail Column: Ted Damson

My husband and I love going out and relaxing with a nice cocktail. On New Year’s we realized just how old we are getting. We didn’t want to go out to a club, didn’t really want to go out to Manhattan. We just wanted to have some nice drinks and good food.

The same goes for almost every weekend. We have quite opposite work schedules so we love going to a bar and having a nice drink. One of our favorite places to go is Bearded Lady.  This is a dark little bar/lounge.
It doesn’t hurt that it’s steps away from our apartment. It serves all sorts of mixed drinks with some small bites such as homemade beer cheese (sounds gross-it’s good) or a sweet pea veggie sandwich. There is tons of seating. None of that standing up for me! I try so many drinks there and they are all fabulous (Ginger Prince, Hot Toddy), but one that I recently tried that I wanted to blog about is the TED DAMSON.

Damson Plum Gin

Lemon Juice

Q Tonic


Super simple ingredients. I could try it at home but I have to say that being a bartender is a lot harder than it looks. I’ve been trying to make more of my own cocktails at home and the ratio of what to put in is very tricky.

So if any of you want to try it–there it is! The rosemary in the drink is essential. It was very sweet, but the rosemary had such a nice aftertaste. It also makes me interested in trying more drinks with plum gin. hmmm….


6 thoughts on “The Cocktail Column: Ted Damson

  1. Hey there!! Nice to meet with you. Whatever you and your husband doing in every weekend really good. Your home made juice ingredient seems to me pretty simple to make. I’ve not try for make it yet. Hope this will be tasty drink for me. I’m going to make it now. Thanks for shared.

  2. Have you ever had Rosemary’s Pink Diamond Fizz? Very similar to the drink you had. I bought the ingredients for my guests to make it at my Christmas party this past year and everyone loved it! Very unique!

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