The Brooklyn Kitchen

This is the best place ever.The Brooklyn Kitchen, that is. My sister told me almost two years ago to go. I took her advice and the first time I went was the day she went into labor with her littlest one. I always remember sitting on the bus navigating my way through Williamsburg, Brooklyn and getting an email that she had gone into the hospital! It seemed to be a more eventful day for her than it was for me so I left that detail out when she called to announce the newest baby boy to our family.

For those of you that haven’t had the wonderful opportunity to go to this fabulous kitchen store, then I’m sorry. This is a great little spot located off the Brooklyn Queens Expressway in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Williamsburg is known for it’s oh so trendy restaurants and chocolate stores and beer stores and really just about anything culinary and cool. The Brooklyn Kitchen is no exception. They also have The Meat Hook which is located on the second floor of the shop and serves as the stores butcher.

The reason I finally got myself back there is because I’ve been trying to get (along with my other sister’s resolutions) a bigger reportoire of items to cook. I often blog about cocktails. Yep. I know you have noticed. So I’m trying to branch out. So I took a Braising class. It was Fabulous. (Yes, I meant to capitalize the ‘F’). You have a cook (Matt Greene was ours for the night) show you how to make three fabulous meals (For this class it was Pork Osso Bucco, Coq a Vin, and Vietnamese Braised Short Ribs) and then they serve you a nice Brooklyn Beer to wash it down.

In a couple of weeks I will be blogging about my first braising adventure in the HOME kitchen: Vietnamese Braised Short Ribs and much more about my experiences…..Stay tuned!


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