606 R & D

A new restaurant has just opened up in my neighborhood. I’ve already been there twice.

It’s 606 R and D. It’s recently been highlighted in some magazines as an up and coming new restaurant. For the New Yorkers who read this blog, the chefs are from the famous City Bakery in Manhattan.

There is so much to talk about at this restaurant. My husband and I woke up the next day still talking about how good the food was. Nuf said. There is kombucha ON TAP, freshly made donuts made out of their donut machine (which you can get with ricotta and honey on top), and a wide variety of fresh, seasonal vegetables that are so hearty you won’t be craving any meat at all.

I will be sure to go back plenty of times to go into detail about any of the above ingredients, but I wanted to get back to what I enjoy best. Cocktails.

We waited an hour to be seated so we had some time to drink up at the bar. I got the Winter #12 which is hum (no, not rum-hum), sherry, mezcal and grapefruit juice. This is a strong cocktail that has a slight smokey aftertaste. I actually blogged earlier about Mezcal’s version which obviously has many drinks with this type of liquor in it. Supposedly it’s made from the same type of plant as tequila but is definitely different (so the bartender said) and is made in the region of Mezcal, Mexico. This is what gives the drink that smokey flavor which is a great drink to clear up those sinuses in this middle winter period we are all forced to live in!

The hum is something I’ve never heard of. Basically, it’s a new type of liquor made with ginger and hibiscus. I think this helped cut the smokey flavor (along with the grapefruit juice).

My husband got the Odd Fashioned which is a spin-off of his favorite– the Old Fashioned. I’m not too much of a fan, but this is not because of the bartender’s lack of skills, just a strong drink that’s not much up my alley. His was made of bourbon, brown sugar (yum), parsnip syrups (weird, huh?), and orange bitters.

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