Weeknight Meals in 20 Minutes at The Brooklyn Kitchen

The opportunity arose to go to another class at The Brooklyn Kitchen and my friend and I jumped at the opportunity. This time we we took a class that was far easier than braising. Caroline Wright, author of Twenty Dollar Twenty Minute Meals was teaching a class on…well, just that.

Twenty Dollar Twenty Minute Meals

On the menu?

Braised Swiss Chard Pasta with Poached Egg
Greek Lemon and Egg Soup with Arugula Greens
Roasted Sausage with Warm Bean and Kale Salad

It truly took us 20 minutes to make all of these items and we got to have all of the entrees for dinner that night at class. The whole premise for this class is that we often times come home from work and have so many tasks to do. As readers of this blog may know, my oldest sister not only cooks for her husband and herself, but she also has two children to feed, along with all the other nightly tasks of being a mother to two. My other sister and I don’t have as much on our plate, but with errands, going to the gym and just being generally tired, it’s hard to be creative in the kitchen on a cold Wednesday night. This class was all about the idea that you didn’t have to eat something boring on these nights and that it doesn’t have to be labor intensive or expensive to have a nice plate on your dinner table (or coffee table while you watch TV!).

The biggest takeaway I can give that I learned is that there are a tremendous amount of things to do with seasonal greens and eggs. I know, weird, but true! Two of the three recipes that were showcased from this book had a different spin on the egg. A poached egg on top of pasta gives it that extra something. Egg soup is rich and creamy if you constantly stir it as it’s going back in the hot water. Plus, it’s adds a creamy taste without the excess fat of milk and cream. Also, it’s just a great source of protein for a cheap price. Again, going back to cheap and easy! I am talking about food. Promise.

If you are interested: click here for a link to Caroline Wright’s blog where you can buy the cookbook, or check out this link here!


4 thoughts on “Weeknight Meals in 20 Minutes at The Brooklyn Kitchen

  1. You’re right about eggs, I tend to forget what a great, complete, and easy meal they make. While it’s so ugly I’ve never blogged about it, eggs scrambled with ground coriander seed and feta is amazing!

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