Mushberry Smoothie

While on our first (annual?) week-long getaway to the coast, we noticed little E was a bit preoccupied with the berries.  Like his mama and his aunts, he loves the sweet fruits of summer – berries of all kinds, cherries, and almost anything that will dye your fingers scarlet red.

We had just completed a little jaunt on Cape Cod’s “Rails to Trails” bike path, a beautiful 22 mile bike path that traces a former railroad right of way through the mid-Cape region.    Not to worry, this biking trip went better than my last.  And it was quite a threecleversister endeavor, by the way.  Sara and Marie donned helmets and rode bikes for the first time in a decade or two (see – you never forget!).  Paul pulled along E who pedaled as he chose, and I carted little H in a carrier.    Dad, brought up the rear, fairly amused that we were all on bikes.

E on the Tag-Along.Learning to bike

H probably had the best part of the deal.King H


Afterwards, E was talking a lot about mushberries.  He had been bringing up mushberries throughout the week.  I thought it was because he liked to “mush” them up, but Paul, who had smoothies on the brain, thought he wanted to make a smoothie.  Only later did I learn the reference was to the beloved Max and Ruby–where the ever troublesome little brother Max mashes up all of his sister Ruby’s berries in his cement truck! Regardless, one thing led to another…

Morning smoothie making

Mushberry Smoothie

1 cup of milk

1 banana

1 (adult-size) handful of blueberries

½ cup of ice

¼ cup to ½ cup of plain Greek yogurt

Splash of orange juice

Blend it up!  Depending on your preferences, add more or less liquid.

Adult portion

Kid’s portion


9 thoughts on “Mushberry Smoothie

  1. There was a period in my life when $ was TIGHT. I mean REALLY tight. I’d “trick” my kids into sweet dinners by making smoothies made w/ the fruit sold @ a discount for being bruised or overripe & some full-fat yogurt from the local organic co-op (amazingly cheaper than the commercial stuff!). I had to make soy milk for my youngest who was allergic to dairy so I used it for both so it was full of protein, not to mention all the minerals & vitamins of fully ripe fruit, NO sweeteners needed & w/ a piece of organic artisan bread, full and healthy bellies. Your story today brought back bittersweet memories of the hard but fun times I had with my kids. They now have their own families, are doing WAY better than I could ever imagine, and they too remember the things we did except that now they know WHY I did them & makes those memories even more special. Thanks.

    • What a resourceful parent you were! Congrats to you and your kids for doing so well — you know you have a part in their success!

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