Bon Ami Giveaway

A few weeks ago, the folks over at Bon Ami sent me an email with the following subject line:  You look like Chicks Who Can!  (I wonder how they got that idea).  To help with the next cleanup, they offered to send me some samples of their dish liquid and liquid surface cleaner.

I was happy to say yes as I already had good experiences with the powdered product.  I first got to know Bon Ami through our landlord’s strict instructions about an apartment we used to rent:  only Bon Ami powder for surfaces!   I had never heard of it before and hoped it wasn’t too difficult–or too expensive–to find.  Furthermore, as I was pregnant I had started buying all the “eco” cleaners–so I didn’t want something too fumey or with too many questionable chemicals.  But I soon found that Bon Ami powder was easy to locate, not at all expensive, and free of chemicals and biodegradable–so I could happily stay in our landlord’s good graces.  Which was good when our water use went way up after little E was born.

So I was pleased to try products from their expanded line, especially once I opened the package.  Scented with tangerine and thyme, the dish soap and liquid surface cleaner combine some of my favorite aromas:  lively citrus, fresh herbs.  I’m not going to say that dish liquid had me dancing around my kitchen a la Snow White or Mary Poppins–doing dishes is doing dishes–but it did the job and smelled great!  (Note:  a fragrance free version is also available).  As for the surface cleaner, it’s nice to have it in liquid form already (having only used the powder previously) and to enjoy the same fresh scent as I degunk the jam (and whatever else) that has dried on the counter after my boys have “helped themselves” to toast and jam in the morning.

There’s something to be said for cute packaging, in this case the little chick (who “hasn’t scratched yet” per the company’s slogan).  But I like that the packaging isn’t just cute–it’s also made of recycled materials, so is eco-friendly like the product itself.

My gift package also included the cute kitchen towel pictured above, a wooden jam spoon, and finally a cheery red apron with that little chick.  That last item was a hit with my boys:  it was immediately turned into a superhero cape.  So I can’t say I’ve personally had a chance to try that yet, though it has been used quite a bit.

Bon Ami has generously offered to provide one of our readers with their own “Chicks Who Can” kit.  Don’t worry: you don’t have to be a canner (but maybe you’ll get inspired).  You do, however, need to live in the United States to participate.  Just leave a comment here by 11:59pm on October 2nd and a winner will be selected at random.

Disclosure: Bon Ami sent me a sample of the products being offered in this giveaway at no cost to me. I have not otherwise been compensated for my time or this post and my opinions remain mine entirely.


37 thoughts on “Bon Ami Giveaway

  1. Hi, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bon Ami and would be thrilled to try more of their new products! I love making new “good friends” and thanks for being ours and offering this fun give away! P.S. I also have 3 clever crafty sisters (who are all fine artists!) and your website is great!

  2. I would so love to win this since I have been plaguing my local Whole Foods, bothering the folks at Bon Ami themselves, calling every hardware store in the area, and generally making a total pest of myself in my efforts to find the tangerine-and-thyme dish soap, liquid cleanser, and spray cleaner to, I hate to admit, no avail. Please pick me!!!

  3. Oh, nice! I would love to give their liquid products a try. Thyme. Mm! Like you, I try to use only use non-chemical cleaners. So important for health, water and air, especially with little ones around.

  4. We have used Bon Ami cleaning products for years. It is what my mother used when we were growing up in our family because we learned it is not harsh on surfaces. Now my sister and I both use it in our homes with our families. A good product is hard to find!!

  5. Bon Ami has been around for decades. Many use it to clean regular (not non-stick) pans as it leaves no grit behind. I will be interested in trying these other products. The original powdered cleanser has a long, excellent reputation.

    Enjoy your blog very much…thanks.

  6. Oh my! I used to use this back in the 60’s when I was a bride. How very special to see it being reintroduced in such clever packaging. I would love to win this! (This was 50 years ago this Saturday, Oct 6, when I got married!)

  7. What great new products! My family has always used Bon Ami. My mom would look oh-so-cute in the apron, my boys would love a new cape (I sense another drawing in my house).

  8. That sounds like a great product. I have never tried them before and what a great way to try them out. Please enter me.

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