Bon Ami Giveaway Winner + Free Canning Labels

This week has been busy with work, so correspondingly quiet in the kitchen–leftovers, freezer meals, and dinner at work have been the name of the game.

So there’s no recipes or philosophical musings here today.  But I owe you all a post to at a minimum announce the winner of the Bon Ami Chicks who Can giveaway.  So without further ado…congratulations to Judy, commenter #2!

And even if you didn’t win, there’s still something for you here:  two downloads that Bon Ami sent me to share with everyone who is a Chick (or otherwise) who Cans–cute little canning labels (with that Bon Ami baby chick!) that you can print out pop on your jar lids.  Just click on the links below for either a 2-inch or 2.5-inch size.

Bon Ami 2in Labels

Bon Ami 2.5in Labels


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