Walnut Giveaway!

We have a LOT of walnuts.  As you’ve seen from earlier posts, the single walnut tree in Paul’s yard, old as it may be is quite productive.  I’m trying to imagine how many walnuts would be produced from the entire orchard back in the day.

I know there are a lot of wonderful things you can do with walnuts:  as I’ve already share, there are brownies, but there’s also fudge, banana walnut oatmeal, apple walnut sweet bread, baklava, etc.

But, perhaps because I’m in the generous  mood (and as it’s football season, and it’s a great activity when it’s pouring down rain inside and Paul is watching the games), I want to share!  And so, the GIVEAWAY:  I’ll draw a random lucky “commenter” to receive a bag of freshly shelled walnuts (depending on how my hands fare in the process, either a sandwich bag or quart size, but at least a cup!).

So, please do comment with suggestions of recipes and uses for these delicious nuts.  They are so good for you after all!  The giveaway will close on 2am on Sunday morning 11/4 — just to remind everyone that daylight saving’s time is also drawing to a close.


6 thoughts on “Walnut Giveaway!

  1. How wonderful! I am working my way through Nigel Slater’s Ripe and he has some wonderful walnut cake recipes that I cannot wait to try! Fig and Walnut, coffee & walnut cake, walnut cardamon cake with orange flower frosting.

  2. I LOVE walnuts. I spice them and them in salads, with apples or pears or with beets and feta. Banana nut pancakes, nearly any kind of muffin, homemade granola, gluten-free nut butter pie crusts….Yum…

  3. I am a bit of pecan fan (my dad has a pecan farm) but I have always been delighted to try walnuts. I think there are great in breads and toasted on anything!

  4. What a great giveaway! I wish I could do the same with the bumper crop of pineapple guavas in my yard–but there’s no way they would travel well. Thanks for the opportunity!

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