Modern Baker Challenge:Sour Cream Brownies

Lovely lovely Brownies. How I love thee.

Last week for my school, we were asked to bring something to our Staff/Student/Parent Thanksgiving Dinner. I think they wanted the savory items, but I cheated and added one more dessert on to the table that night—Sour Cream Brownies. I got these from the Modern Baker cookbook (part of our Modern Baker Challenge) and they are super easy! (I realize I may not need to add this part about anything being easy anymore seeing as my sister-in-law said that this was the one thing that all my blog entries have in common!)

I’ve never made brownies from scratch, so I was so impressed that the batter tastes so much better than that box kind. It also helped that I got Ghirardelli chocolate chips instead of the regular ones (sorry Nestle).

There is nothing too odd about the recipe or preparation. The sour cream is mixed in with the eggs and sugar and then the butter and chocolate are on the stovetop melting. They are then mixed together so when it bakes it doesn’t have any swirls that really suggest it has sour cream. Really, the sour cream (as Nick Malgieri states) just cuts back on the sweetness of the rich chocolate.

The other thing that I love about these brownies is the moistness. It’s pretty easy to burn brownies or bake them a little too long. These, however, are super soft even if you leave them in a little too long. I kept them in maybe a minute or two longer for fear of them not being cooked all the way through. Usually this makes the edges really tough, but this wasn’t the case at all with these brownies. Every brownie was super moist.

Now, I stated earlier that the sour cream cut back on the sweetness. Because of this, I had to add more sweetness. I did this by actually making the chocolate fudge icing that is paired with the cupcakes from an earlier chapter in Modern Baker. It was probably too much for most people, but I did it anyway. Oops. A girl has to have her chocolate! I did make half frosted and half unfrosted for those people that don’t need to O.D. on their chocolate intake.

They were a huge success. There were none to take home and I made many of my students quite happy that night.